Oct 082009

True Stories of a music journalist with a full bladder!

So I’m waiting for this band to call for an interview for RMM just now. They are 30 minutes late, (more normal than it should be) and I need to piss. Well I know that they are going to call the second I walk away. I have them call my Skype number so I can get a clear recording, so this is on my laptop. So I unplug everything except the headset, carry the entire set up into the bathroom, and take care of business. Of course they didn’t call, but you know they would have if I didn’t do that. So glad this wasn’t being streamed live with video like I used to do. There would have been some people laughing their ass off over how funny I looked I’m sure.

I know this is a short blog post, but it was too long for Twitter and I felt I needed to share. Funny story and all. True story too. I can’t make this stuff up.