Jun 052011
Bob Rivers

Bob Rivers

People spend millions on trying to make a video go viral. Clueless publicists in the music industry call a video viral just because it’s on the internet. But being the most popular morning show on the radio for the Puget Sound area of Washington State, Bob Rivers and crew have some major pull most do not have. They are making a video soon and they want it to go viral. These are the top ten steps the Bob Rivers show should do to go viral. Oh, and I’m not doing this to get mentioned on the show. This site would crash if you did and I have no ads. Just trying to welcome back the show I love.

1. Digg.com
This is a social news site. If you can get the listeners to all go in at once and vote for your submission within an hour or so it will hit the front page. This will get it a flood of views really quick and help it show up in the “trending” charts. Once Pedro submits it you have a few hours at best to get a ton of votes. Use those listeners!

2. Reddit.com
Same as Digg as far as it works. Kind of like Coke Vs Pepsi they are both very important. Maybe do Digg one hour and Reddit the next.

3. MixxingBowl.com
This one may not get as much traffic as the first two, but it is still important. Make this the third one to try since the listeners might be getting tired of voting. You will not need as many votes to ‘front page’.

4. StumbleUpon
This one is MAJOR! But it will take a little more work from the listeners. They need to download the SU toolbar, go to the YouTube page of the video, and click the thumbs up icon on the toolbar. This will send a major amount of traffic as well. Possibly more than Digg or Reddit if you get enough listeners to give it the thumbs up.

5. Facebook
Pedro knows how powerful this one is. Make sure and post it there at the same time as everywhere else.

6. Twitter
You never mention the Twitter on air, but it can be pretty powerful. Tell the listeners to use the hash tag #bobrivers with the YouTube link so you show up as ‘trending’.

7. MySpace
Although not as powerful as it once was, it still has a ton of users.

8. Trending?
Trending is a very important word when trying to go viral. There are tons of websites, software, and apps that are there only to inform the power users and journalists what is trending. This is why it is so important to get that big rush of traffic right off the bat.

9. Be goofy, silly, and don’t have a message
If it is very clear that you are just there to entertain, people are more likely to spread it around. You people know goofy like no one else.

10. Can you handle it?
Remember when I said not to mention this site on the air because it would crash the servers? If you do all the stuff above you will probably crash even your top of the line servers that host the Bob Rivers and KJR website. Very few hosts are set up to handle that big of a spike in traffic. My business site RockMyMonkey.com is hosted by a company called Squarespace. They are one of the few that can handle massive spike like you will be trying to create. Last I checked they offered a free two week trial. Maybe use that to give the YouTube link a more easy to remember url. BobRivers.squarespace.com or something could work.

Why did I do this? Partly because I want to welcome you back in my own geeky way, but also it would be cool to know I helped something truly go viral. Good luck!

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