Nov 172010

So I was listening to the latest episode of one of my favorite Tech News podcast Social Blend and they were doing their latest music focused special they call Craniumelody. The theme was “Soundtrack of your life“. Well, I work on Thursday nights when they record so I couldn’t force them into letting me on. So instead I will post the songs that would make up the soundtrack of my life here instead.

To start it all out there should be a song about birth. Since it’s me it should be at least a little fucked up.

1. Acid Bath – Venus Blue:

In third grade I already knew I hated school. So when this band called Pink Floyd came out with their new hit single I was made into a hard rock fan the second I heard the words “We don’t need no education” and “Hey, teacher! Leave them kids alone”. I blame Pink Floyd for my life long obsession with music. This song truly changed my life.

2. Pink Floyd-Another Brick In The Wall Part 2:

My teenage years were full of insanity. As in I was pretty much clinically depressed the entire time. I felt like the outcast amongst misfits. It was bands like Scaterbrain that helped me get over my teenage years and find out that life could include happy moments too. Music in general is the only reason I survived. Yes, I know this is not the original. Since I’ve never smoked pot I didn’t get into Cheech And Chong until much later.

3. Scatterbrain-Earache My Eye:

A few years ago I lost my little brother to drug addiction. When he was five I turned him onto this band. He walked around the house for days saying “The brain, the brain.” When my step-mom asked why he was saying that I of course told her I had no idea. When he started stage diving of the couch cushions my dad figured it out. I was no longer allowed to watch Headbangers Ball in front of him. So whenever I hear this song it reminds me of the good times me and my little brother spent together.

4. Suicidal Tendencies:Trip At The Brain:

Currently I am always looking for anything that makes me laugh. There is nothing I take more seriously than comedy. The reason is that there is nothing better to get you through a tough day than a good laugh. So bands like White Wizard are played often. This soundtrack only has 7 songs on it, but the full soundtrack would be songs in this more traditional Metal style.

5. White Wizzard-Over The Top:

As I am dying I will do everything I can to hold on to my last breath. If there was a movie made this is the song that would play as I am fighting for the last few seconds of life.

6. Overkill – Elimination:

When I die I will be cremated. As I am placed into the fire this is the song that should play. The lyrics are just too fitting.

7. Sentenced-Luxury Of A Grave:

So there it is. In the extremely unlikely event that a movie is ever made of my life, this should be the framework of the musical score as well as the soundtrack. Please feel free to post an article like this on your personal blog and link it here. If you use a real blog system like Word Press or Squarespace it should automatically link back to you here in the comments if you link to this post. If it doesn’t feel free to just post a link in the comments.

If you do not have a blog, just post the links to the videos in the comments. I don’t mind. In fact it would make my day. Oh yeah, and please go listen to Social Blend. They are lonely over there and nothing is more sad than an ex-marine and an Aussie pouting like two little girls after getting their dollies stolen.

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