Sep 212008

So my old smartphone is dying and it is totally time to replace it. Shouldn’t I be excited about that? Why do I dread getting a new phone every time? Why do I wait so long? I think it because every time I feel like I am getting less of a phone than I had before. I never feel like it is an upgrade. Never!  Now let’s compare this to say my new shaver. My old electric shaver is several years old and it was long over due to get replaced. So my wife goes out to get me the new one. She knows I hate change, so she finds the one that is closest to the old one in design. No hole that spews goo on my face in other words. Well, she comes back with something that not only gives me a better shave, doesn’t spit goo at me, but it has an improvement! When I plug the thing in it has these solid red lights. When it is fully charged the lights start to flash. It’s a small little thing, but I like it. Compare that to the charger on my soon to be replaced smartphone. It goes from a red light to a green light. Somehow it is the same little tiny bulb that changes color. Not sure how they do that, but I would have rather had it switch from a red bulb to a green colored bulb. Since I am color blind I could then tell the difference when it switched bulbs. Since it is the same bulb that switches colors, I’m just screwed. Could my shaver people talk to my smartphone people and maybe get them to make the charger light just flash when it was fully charged? The shaver people seem to have their crap together more it seems.

Now I love that they switched the keyboard so it is landscape. This creates a keyboard that is more easy to type on when I am trying to get down notes for a live show review at a concert. So there are some things that have improved. However, there is one thing they totally screwed up. Why the switch to MicroSD? I have walked around tech conferences and asked people why they think this is a good idea. No one could think of one good reason really. Sure there was the “To make it smaller”, but why? Does it make it better? No! It makes it worse. It might be great for little girls with pink phones, but I don’t have the tweezers or the time to mess with something that small. All I am asking is that when I pay several hundred dollars for a new phone that I am as pleased with my purchase as I am when I spend $50 for a new shaver. Can my shaver people make me a new phone instead? You smartphone people are just plain retarded!

My podcasting tutorial

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Sep 182008

So after two requests in one day I threw together this little video tutorial. This info works best with Ustream & Stickam but might work on others as well. I forgot to mention I use an Ubuntu o0erating system on the desktop and Vista on the laptop. This is to prove that the OS has nothing to do with how well your podcast can be.